Tim and I adore our apartment, but the living room is a little low on lighting. When we set out to find a few nice lamps we ran into a couple of challenges: lamps are expensive and we weren’t finding any we loved 100%.

I don’t usually do that, but I did this time) Tim into The Christmas Tree Shop. For those of you from other regions of the country, The Christmas Tree Shop sells a LOT more than Christmas decorations. It’s a cheap place to get a little of anything. We wandered around and found ourselves in the lamp section. We didn’t see any we liked at first, but then we saw an old mason jar that had been turned into a lamp. It was filled with fake spools of thread, but other than that we loved it! (I'm sure we'll have a post on this lamp in the future - shade is from Target)

Then we realized we could get another glass lamp (not matchy matchy, but the same materials) and fill it with something cool.

That’s how we found this lamp for around $6.

It didn’t even come with a lamp shade, but Target had cheap dorm room lamps on sale with ugly bases, but cute shades. We bought one for $9 and took the shade for our lamp.

That’s how the lamp stood for a while, but for Christmas Tim bought me a bunch of reproduction Bingo letters from Pier One Imports. I think it was about $20 for all of them. We unscrewed the base of our lamp and stuffed the Bingo letters in and there you go!

A custom lamp that we both love for around $35!