Where Oh Where??

Maybe you've wondered lately...

Oh just here and there - a little of this and a little of that. In reality I've been full steam ahead working to prepare for my duo's upcoming tour in Florida and THE WEDDING AHHHHHH!!!

I have to say, I've been having a ton of fun making many many goodies for the big day - there's just one catch for your humble blogger... my little projects are a surprise for the wedding! And so, with my crafty time very much dedicated to projects that have to stay secret, insideways has been a little silent.

However, I have found a little time here and there for a small house project or two and of course to grab some treasures from craigslist. While I haven't been blogging about it all that much (ahem at all...), I have been snapping away and posting photos to instagram. For example, this GIANT lamp...

So please feel free to check in with me there: Jen_insideways

In any event, posting is likely to pick up speed once this whole wedding distraction is out of the way and now you're in the know about it all :)

Miss you and thanks for reading!!!!!!
~ Jen


Pipe Shelf Remix

I can't believe it's been under a year since Tim built a version of The Brick Houses's pipe shelves for our first apartment together. It was only my 9th ever blog post haha! Now we're in our third apartment and on to our third version of the pipe shelves...

Since we already have all of the pipes and shelves, assembling our pipe shelves is a pretty quick and easy process. The only thing that slowed us down this time was me taking photos - sorry Tim :)

The trickest part is always getting the shelves level and centered before we attach them to the wall.

This time, we wanted the shelves centered between two of the windows in our living room. Because the shelves lean and shift pretty easily, lining it all up with a tape measurer was NOT WORKING. So, we marked the center of the windows and the center of the shelves with painters tape!

With our hands free to install, we got her up in no time!

The best part of all this? I finally unpacked my last two boxes from the move: all my "stuff" for decorating the shelves!

Seriously though, these shelves were a great investment because they're just so so versatile! Here they are in our current apartment...

Here is the first version Tim built for his office...

And here's how we used them as an entertainment center in our last apartment...

All that and we haven't had to buy a single additional pipe or piece of wood!! This unit is in it for the long haul!

I'm definitely not one of those people who constantly shifts things around to redecorate. I tend to find what I like and stick to it. As a result, I can absolutely remember where I put all of my trinkets on the shelf the last time I styled it - it would be easy to just do the same ole same ole all over again! I consciously pushed myself to try something different.

I tried to avoid small trinkets, so the shelves would look less bitsy (although some still made the cut). I also tried leaning wall art for more height. For my first time leaning wall art in a collection I think I did pretty well!

Editing will always be my achilles heel - I kind of love clutter hehe - but I feel myself slowly evolving into a more refined style. I'm liking the change :)