Taking the Plunge: Photography Investment

In the past couple of months I've been feeling a little limited in the photo taking department. I really like how my photos have been turning out, but I want to push myself a little further :)

Time to invest.

After a little research (particularly these two blog posts by Under a Sycamore and A Beautiful Mess), I decided a new camera lens was the next step! An Amazon purchase later, and I've got a new Canon 50mm f.1.4 lens. Yipee!

So, what does this mean? Basically two things for my photo-taking purposes: A nicer picture quality and a smaller aperture than any of my other lenses can achieve (more of the pretty burry stuff around the part of the image I'm focusing on).

Enough talk, here's an example...
Old Lens...

New lens...

See the difference? I like it :)
These two photos (both taken with the new lens) show how I can play with the focus.

Fun huh? Oh, don't worry, It's great at kitty photos too...

I'm definitely feeling inspired to take more photos and discover the full capabilities of this lens!
Have you ever bumped into limits from your equipment? How did you get through them?