Book Inspired Wedding Topper

I never in a thousand years would have guessed that I would make not one, but TWO wedding cake toppers in my lifetime. After making a bird topper for my wedding, my friend Amanda asked me if I would make a book inspired cake topper for her wedding.

Of course, I said yes.

The topper is made with wooden books and a small wooden stand (from Michaels) that are painted with acrylic paint. I chose the books based on the couple's favorites and incorporated their wedding date and initials.

If you're interested in comparing, here's a the original cover of Amanda's favorite book and of Peter's.

And for good measure, let's see this baby in action!

(photo by Savannah Lauren Shealy)

The wedding was so beautiful - you can check out all of the photos on fabulous wedding photographer Savannah Lauren Shealy's facebook page here.

Yay for weddings and pretty small handmade things!


Navy Blue Bedroom

That's right, after having the can of paint sit in my closet for... a long time... I finally got my paintbrush out and got to work on the bedroom!

The color is Midnight Dream by Behr and makes a huge difference in the space. All in all, we've made a good amount of progress in the room, namely...
finding some inspiration pieces, bringing in the bed, adding furniture, and moving this rug upstairs
... to go from this...

To this! Still in progress, but a very satisfying difference so far!

What's left?
Room Check List:
  • Paint Room
  • Hang Curtains
  • Find Duvet Cover
  • Hang Art
  • Hang Plants
  • Finalize Layout (switch dresser and mirror?)
  • Little Styling Touches

Now, I NEED HELP. Part of me really wants to paint the whole room Navy and part of me is... scared. I could go with a lighter neutral (probably gray) on the other walls, but I'm just not sure. I made a little GIF of what it might look like to paint the walls gray...

What would you do???