Pretty Small Things: a blanket and antlers

Last week I got to spend some serious quality time in Montana with my Diagenesis Duo partner, Heather Barnes, while we performed in The Helena Pierrot Project. Um hello Montana? I'm gonna go thrifting! And that's what we did on our day off :)

Antlers are a great form of animal-based decoration because they're beautifully sculptural and no animals are harmed from using them - they just fall off the deer seasonally. There are tons of deer in Montana, so these were very affordable at $6 each from the local thrift store.

Right now I'm using them as decoration in my bedroom which is (finally!) starting to take shape. As you can see, the antler partners very well with the deer paintings I bought and this dresser I found on the curb in Boston. I'm not 100% sure of the colors I'll use, but that dresser is getting a makeover in the near future...

Also in the bedroom is this great vintage wool blanket I bought for $25. Tim and I are upgrading our bed this January so I'm working out the bedding details. This blanket has definitely helped :)

Maybe something along these lines:
    :: sheets from JC Penny ::
    :: duvet cover from Bodie and Fou ::
    :: blanket (mine) from Montana ::
*also imagine an antique brass headboard (that I already bought from craigslist)

But there's a really big debate about it all...

I think these are birds, but Tim thinks they're rockets? What do you think????