A Family Photo Wedding Diplay

More wedding stuff!!!! I'm sure I'm annoying with wedding DIYs at this point, but this post actually has to do with home decoration too. Promise.

One wedding decoration I really wanted to include was a display our families on their wedding days; a tribute to the families and weddings that made our big day possible! I'd seen a bunch of solutions on Pinterest (of course!) but I wanted to find a way to display the photos that I could re-use after the wedding.

I've always liked photos hung from string, and I thought I could reuse something like that for notes in the future, so you know what? That's what we made. A simple box with string! Sometimes the best solution isn't very complicated...

Tim made the box in about an hour using cheap fence wood ($1.08 for 6 feet!), nails, and some leftover walnut stain. The photos were hung from a mini clothes line made from twine and little eyelet screws twisted into the wood.

Six family photos and paperclips later - DONE.

And now? The little box lives as a shelf in our bathroom :)

I styled it with a few leftover wedding jars (more on that later), cute wedding cards, and the cross stitch QR code I made last March.

I kind of love it and am definitely feeling inspired to paint and decorate the rest of the bathroom!

And the rest of our wedding photo display? You know, the important part? The family photos? They made it into our hall way framed in the super affordable and pretty Ikea RIBBA frames.

I love the vintage film quality of the photos and it feels SO GOOD to have more art on the walls.

When we get around to printing our wedding photos, we'll hang them in similar frames on nearby walls. I'm so excited to have photos of our family around us - why didn't I do this sooner...?

(All wedding photos by Kaitlin Jane Photography | other photos by insideways.com)