Bringing the Indoors Out

Let's talk wedding decorations. Finally.

I am a huuuge sucker for throw pillows and often opt for an extra pillow instead of extra room for people to sit. I'm selfish like that. So, when I saw these photos from Delightfully Tacky's wedding using throw pillows for ceremony decorations I was SOLD. Let's bring the indoors out!

Not only was this a lovely way to add softness, pattern, and color to the ceremony, it was also super easy and inexpensive - yay! I made a total of 10 pillows with 5 different coordinating fabrics and got this project done in about 2hrs. That's a pillow every 12min for anyone who's counting ;)

Part of the reason I could zip through this project was the super super super easy envelope style pattern I used. Four straight seams people. That's it. Here's a great tutorial by Take The Side Street that shows you exactly how to make your own.

But wait... Aren't pillow forms like $10 each? How was this affordable???? Well I'll show you...

Yeaaahhhh... that beauty? It only cost $0.25 at a thrift store. Way less expensive than a brand new pillow form. In the end, the pillows cost about $4 each for a total of $40.

But the best part? I can keep and use them now that the wedding is over!

Throughout the wedding planning process, I hated the idea of buying things for my wedding, using them once, then throwing them away, so I put a lot of thought in how I could keep or repurpose wedding decorations. These pillows blend seamlessly into my regular home decor so nothing has to be wasted :)

Bonus: They're Maggie approved for both elegant and derpy sleeping positions.

So, if you're wondering what married life is like, it's full of comfy cuddle time on my pillow covered couch :)