The (Almost) Perfect Blue Wedding Shoes

The hard truth is, I'm a perfectionist who can't leave well enough alone. So when I ordered the perfect (but not quite) blue velvet wedding shoes from Mod Cloth, I couldn't help but sneak out a needle and thread for one small tweak...

See that left shoe? How the bow is all wild and free? See that right shoe? How that bow is all nice and cooperative? Have you had enough of the questions?

That's right. I altered my SHOES. I'm a crazypants.

Ignore the cat hair aka more evidence of my crazypants status.

Ok it's a very very small change, but the thing is, it made a pretty huge difference and only took me 15min with supplies I already owned - a needle, blue thread, and scissors. Plus, it felt pretty great to change my shoes from almost perfect to perfect with my own two hands :)

I wouldn't even post this except I want to point out that as a bride or customer, you don't have to settle for what comes out of the box when you purchase something. I'm often tempted to wait for the perfect thing to come along or to feel guilty for spending money on something I have to alter. But you know what, if it's a little "off" just change it!

Easy peasy.