Bedroom Update

Lately, life has been slow in the home-improvements department of chateau Jen&Tim. A lot of projects have been started, but nothing is finished. It's one of those seasons where other priorities are... well priorities. So while I'd usually wait until there is more of something to show you, I thought I would just jump in and share a little of the progress we've made in decorating our master bedroom...

Here are two before pictures to get you oriented :)

Since then we've added a huge brass bed, moved the orange living room rug upstairs...

... bought some plants, and got cute little nightstands off of craigslist. They were about $120 for the pair, which is more than I usually spend on craigslist, BUT our bed is unusually tall. Do you know how hard it is to find matching, cute, affordable nightstands that are more than 27 inches tall?? Hard my friends.

Search word Tips for Nightstands on craigslist: "nightstand | nightstands | night stand | night stands | end table | end tables | side table | side tables". So many terms that basically mean the SAME THING.

As you can see, I've also tested out a swatch of navy blue paint for the walls. I'm sold on the color, but painting day hasn't made its way around yet :)

To add more functionality to Tim's closet, we moved a cute little wicker dresser inside ($50 from craigslist). So what if it's from a set of furniture for little girls? No one has to know ;)

Next steps are painting, curtains, finding the perfect duvet cover, and bringing all the little details together.

So what do you think? Is it a room you'd sleep in? Is one of your rooms stuck in slow-motion-progress?