Welcome to the Family Gordon!

This is a happysad post. A few of you may have noticed a total lack of Madeline on the blog or my instagram over the last several months. After a long struggle with kidney disease, little Madeline just couldn't make it anymore. We loved the hell out of that cat and she is missed like crazy.

After grieving/healing we decided to bring another cat into our family. Last weekend, on our one-year-anniversary, we popped on over to our local humane society. There, we met Gordon...

He's a one-year-old little orangecat and I swear we didn't choose him because he looks like Maggie's twin. Really, he was just the most incredibly social and sweet cat we'd ever met (besides Maggie) and we just couldn't leave him at the humane society! We're learning that Gordon is a total cuddle-bug and has a weird oral fixation. He seriously licks everything. Like a little puppy. It's strange and adorable.

He and Maggie are slowly but surely becoming little cat friends. There's officially no hissing and touching each other seems ok!

That's the latest news in Jen&Tim land. This post took extra long to write because Gordon kept jumping into my lap and poking at the computer screen. The cute is overwhelming. Keep an eye out for too many photos of Gordon on my instagram account, I may or may not have already posted 5 as of writing this post...