The Rug Hunt Ends

Much to Tim's delight, I do publicly declare that I am finished hunting for rugs!*

*for this apartment, at least temporarily...

After months of hunting on Craigslist for beautiful rugs that now live in the bedroom, dining nook, and kitchen, then more months of being madly in love with West Elm's Souk rug for our living room, but being too thrifty to pull the trigger, well... I pulled the trigger. 

And it is super great! Here's a picture of the rug we had in there before.

It's a great rug, but its lovely orange was just a little too much with our blue couch and yellow chair. Now it lives in the bedroom (which I might add is starting to look pretty cute).

Mr. Souk is luxurious indeed. Tim loves how soft it is and I love its texture and large, but not busy, pattern.

One of the surefire reasons I know it's perfect for the space is that it makes all of the things I don't like about the room look worse! I'm looking at you peachy tan walls and you peachy pink chair!

You can bet I've already chosen a paint color and am on the hunt for an upholsterer.

What have you been working on? Link me to your projects in the comments below - I'd love to check them out!