Cleaning a Vintage Chair

I have to admit, this decorating patience thing has been tough. Some days I just want to do it all and fix the mistakes later. But then my patience pays off. "Worth the wait" - cliche but true.

And with that I introduce you to the new resident in my living room, the perfect little green arm chair.

The chair was only $40 (from craigslist of course) because the fabric was in pretty terrible shape and the seat cushion had somehow solidified into a less-than-cushy rock-like consistency. The previous owner was convinced it would need to be reupholstered and didn't have the time to get around to it.

I wasn't so sure the upholstery was caput, so I took a gamble...

I sprayed on some Resolve, scrubbed with a terrycloth rag, sprayed more, scrubbed more... and... ta da!

Bye bye random stains! The chair still has a little sun fading, but it's hardly noticeable. Bonus, I was able to easily replace the seat cushion padding with $20 of foam from Joann's Fabrics.

Here's the cost breakdown:
$40 Chair
$20 Foam
$5 Resolve
= $65

Since I didn't like the way the old chair looked, I don't have any great pictures of it. But, here's the general idea of how things looked before...

And after...

Paint is DEFINITELY next. In fact, there's a color sample up on the wall as I type - it's going to make ALL the difference.

What kind of furniture scores have you found lately? Share links! Tell stories! I want the dish :)