The Up-Sizing Challenge

Moving from a 1920s victorian house in MA to grad housing in CA definitely qualified as major downsizing. Choosing favorite items and slowly getting rid of more and more because it just didn't fit was really hard (and very rewarding). Tim and I are totally pumped about all of the space we have in our new place, but... in a totally unexpected twist, I'm a little design paralyzed by the opposite problem: upsizing!

It turns out that room design can be just plain hard no matter where you are, hah! In an attempt to work through some of the challenges, I'm going to share them with you.

Space Planning: In a small place, sometimes there's only one furniture layout that "works." If you're only dealing with 125 square feet or so, yes, the couch has to go along that wall. In a big living room the possibilities are almost endless! We've moved the couch at least 4 times since moving into the new place and I think we've finally found the right spot.

More Furniture: Once the layout was working, the laundry list of furniture that would make the room perfect became clear: an arm chair, bench, rug, piano(!!). I'm having trouble with this step for a lot of reasons. 1) I want all of the furniture right now because I'm impatient, but I don't want to rush and spend money on the wrong pieces. 2) I'm not mega rich or really even that far above the poverty line (ahh the student life), so buying a house sized amount of furniture is not an option. Basically it boils down to must. Be. More. Patient...

Paint Colors: I'm dying to paint. Dying! But, again with this whole patience thing, I know it will be better to get a rug and match the paint color to it than try to match a rug to the random paint color I choose. Also, would you believe that I'm actually considering painting the dining room white? The white walls in my old place must have rubbed off on me!

But just imagine, a cowhide rug (yes Tim, I'm still in love with that idea - sorryiloveyou!), some cute new chairs and my deer paintings on that wall. We might refinish the table top with wood or paint it white too. SO GOOD.

In a nutshell, I want it all and I want it right now. Ick, I suck. What happened to the good ole days of finishing my living room in two weekends!?

The one thing I take solace in is knowing that these are completely normal problems. A cozy space takes time! Just look at Brick House or Young House Love - they're always working on something new. Slowly but surely I'm learning to love the process and not worry as much about getting to the finish line.

Now, off to craigslist to search for some more rugs!!