DIY Save the Date

Let the wedding DIY begin! While Tim and I know we can't do everything on our own (and don't want to), we're really excited to tackle a couple of wedding projects ourselves.

The first one is done!

(if you're viewing this in a reader and can't see the video, just pop over to the blog)

We decided to do a video Save the Date because 1) it saves paper and is overall enviro-happy 2) it was a fun new challenge and 3) it could be something we and our family/friends could watch and enjoy in the future. I'm not going to lie - it was hard, but so worth it!

If you're interested in making your own...
   The photos were taken by me with a tripod and camera remote
   The cartoons are paper cutouts I made, photographed, and edited using photoshop
   Tim put it all together using Flash (and boy that program has its quirks...)

For you facebook friends, yes this was the mess of the day special project I hinted at twice :)

We emailed the video to our friends and family this past weekend - BAM DONE. I only wish we could invite every single person who has been an awesome influence in our lives (including you sweet readers), but dang this wedding biddness is expensive.

Next on the DIY list is invitations. I'm thinking stamps... love me some stamps...