A New Year and Exciting News

Happy 2012 Everyone!!!

New Years
I spent a little time reflecting on 2011 recently (in my life and on this blog) and my goodness has it been a good year! I'm so happy with how 2011 went and I'm super excited to head into 2012. One thing in particular makes 2012 puuurty exciting... Tim proposed!! I'm engaged!!

Telling my parents
Tim is absolutely my best friend and I'm so grateful that I get to spend the rest of my life with him - I couldn't imagine a better partner! I don't know if you did this, but when I was younger I made a mental list of things I would like in a husband (open communicator, handsome, likes my music projects, passionate about his own work... etc), but I never really thought I would get everything in one person. Yep, I got it all. And more! I know I know I'm gushing and you're all ready to barf, so I'll stop with the mush.

We already leaked the news on my personal facebook  page and twitter (even on my cat's twitter... nerdy...). So, due to popular request, here is the proposal story told by the man of the hour, my Timmo.


So....here were my plans. We were landing in San Diego airport within a half hour of each other and I was going to propose right off the plane when we found each other. In the airport. On one knee.

I'm thinking this is perfect - we've been missing each other for two weeks, and it's not like new years or our anniversary where she'll be expecting it... I'll totally surprise her.


So I land, and I've got the ring in my hand, and I've been nervously running over the situation in my head over and over and over, and then i send her a text that says "LANDED!!!" and I'm so excited, and I get a flurry of texts from her (since my phone had been off for the flight) telling me her connection was cancelled and she's stuck in LA for the night.



But I'm determined for this to go down. DETERMINED. SO I get in my car and drive 2 hours to LA to her hotel and go up to her floor and stand in front of her hotel room door at the La Quinta Inn. She opens the door and I get on my knee and do it.

She cried and said yes and we hugged and I was shaking from being nervous as hell, but now we're giddy and excited and it's awesome.


Cannot wait to spend my life with this girl.

And the ring!!

I don't normally wear jewelry, so the ring thing was hard for me. Tim and I ended up buying the ring together from a local antique store and I'm totally in love. And for all of you who told me so, yes it already is very comfortable to wear.

In the spirit of New Year's resolutions, here are my wedding planning goals...

1. Have fun with the planning! No Bridezilla-ness!
2. Personalize my wedding with tons of DIY and imagination, but remember it's only one day (budget budget budget!)
3. And one my Mother told me, remember to keep connecting on a day to day level. As all-consuming as wedding planning can be, I don't want to lose the super special everyday relationship I have with Tim.

Also a bloggy promise: though I'm sure a lot of my wedding projects will find their way onto this here blog, I promise to make them flexible enough to be inspiring for all kinds of projects because a) I don't want to get all wedding saturated then be like, "hey what was this blog about?" and b) I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of "wedding only" things after the wedding day. I'd love to integrate lots of wedding projects into my home decor after the wedding!

Ok ok, enough about the wedding for now hah! Oh last thing, it's my first time doing this so any advice would be completely welcome! Feel free to share!


  1. I'm soooooo effing happy for you two I could just keel over.

    I love you both IMMENSELY.

    (And seeeee? I told you it would take no time at all for the ring to feel perfect!)


  2. yayyy! i've been hoping for this announcement :)
    i didn't only make a mental list but wrote a list out on paper (after a string of bad dates) of must-haves, would-likes and deal-breakers in a guy, not expecting such a perfect guy to exist, but wouldn't you know it, the next guy i dated WAS the list to a tee, so i married him! it is hard to find all the qualities you wish for in one guy, i'm so happy you found yours too!
    i'm really excited for all your wedding diy's (i've already been scoping out your ideas on pinterest), and your wedding plan goals are so smart. my only advice, which you seem like a smart gal who already knows this, would be to make sure you don't feel pressured into your wedding becoming something you don't love - we don't like dancing so we didn't have a dance floor, we didn't want to spend what little money we had feeding guests we hardly see in real life food they might not even enjoy, so we had appies at a standing reception and took our wedding party and immediate families for an intimate restaurant dinner. also, don't stress about things that go wrong. it's your party, do what you want, remember what it's really about, and have the best time!
    have you set a date yet or are you taking your time?

  3. @katie, AWWW! You're seriously one of my favorite people. Thank you for the advice about being pressured into wedding decisions that aren't us. I love your "you" wedding plans!!! We're both really lucky that one of the first things our parents said is they don't want us to feel pressured and that we should make decisions based on what will make us happy :). We haven't set a date yet. I think we'll find a venue we like then figure out the date from there. Probably 9months to a year from now though. I definitely don't want to feel rushed!

  4. Katie is one smart girl. Throughout this process just remember the only thing that matters is that this wedding is "yours and Tim's". People can certainly make suggestions and give you ideas but they are only ideas. Be true to yourselves on this day and throughout your lives and you will find nothing but happiness because that is where true happiniess comes from. I personally love some of the ideas you guys have and I can't wait to see how you put it all together.

  5. Love the story and level of mushiness! Love your mom's advice. It's absolutely true for wedding planning and for everyday advice. I often tell Russ when we're flustered or having trouble with something - "Hey, it's only me and you here talking in this room." I think it's important to block out all that outward stimuli for a moment and truly appreciate who you are to each other. Also, lots of laughing, trying new things and also supporting each others projects.

    Love you guys and miss you!

  6. So cute. I got married in the woods in Wyoming with no reception planned at all. It was perfect for us and cost nothing.

    Just make it what the two of you want, no one else really matters on that day, truly.

  7. congrat :) love, abby from istanbul...

    1. Wow Abby, that's support from quite a distance! Thank you!!!

  8. OMG! I didn't know that the proposal ended up at a hotel room in LA! Tim had told us the plan, and I guess I just assumed it would work out as planned. When does anything ever work out as planned! :) So cute!