Another Obsession: Coasters

Last week I shared my addictive collection of coffee mugs with you. Get it? Addictive? Coffee? Caffeine? Sorry. Well, I have a second small obsession that's related... coasters.

Think about it. The table is set. Oh what beautiful dishes, silverware, and cups or coffee mugs! Coasters don't get any cred. - thankless workers in the table scape world.

People, coasters are super cute. I love them. 

Want your own cuties? Here are my sources... The set above was from an estate sale I went to last weekend - only $2! Love. They join my felt coasters (gifted by Tim from Abodeon), sandwich coasters (gifted by my Mom from Urban Outfitters), record coasters (sorry I can't remember where I got them), and cork teacup coasters (from Magpie). If you're ever in Cambridge, MA, definitely head to Abodeon and Magpie for some adorable shopping.

Right now I'm at 27-ish coasters so Tim has cut me off from buying any more (in a good way). From now on coasters have to leave the house for new ones to come in :)

How do you keep collections under control?


  1. I love your sandwich coasters! I got some toast-shaped cork ones for our wedding.

    I found myself always taking photos of my fancy drinks. So I turned them into coasters for fancy drinks! (Or a diet coke...)


  2. Someday, we're going to find ourselves featured on an episode of Hoarders, navigating a sea of pillows and coasters in every room. And you'll just be smiling and cackling, like Scrooge McDuck diving into his pool of coins.

    (Love you :))