DIY Journal: ready to start a little journey

Maybe it's the start of the new year, but I'm feeling incredibly inspired, hopeful, and full of excited energy lately. I'm taking a few steps in my life to protect and prolong these warm and fuzzy feelings. 

1. Keep a close watch on my schedule - no overloading myself!
2. Take time to be vulnerable and grateful every day. (Check out this video by Brene Brown that inspired me. 20 minutes. Oh my gosh so good.)
3. Keep active creatively in new and challenging ways.

Numbers 1 & 2 just take a good amount of focus and possibly finger crossing. So far, so good! Number 3 is great because I can take some concrete steps to make it happen! The first one I've taken is to start crocheting again. More on that later. The second one is really exciting: I signed up for an ecourse on Art Journaling by Elsie Larson and Rachel Denbow from A Beautiful Mess!

I am beyond pumped for this. Seriously. I've never been a feelings journaler (just not for me somehow), but I think I could be totally in to art journaling! 

So of course I started by making my own journal. 

I grabbed 2 wooden frames for $1 each from Michaels and a set of 2 metal clasp rings (I think they're used for embroidery thread.) Side note: As a Photoshop test (I've only had it installed for about a week now), I took these pictures at night in the yellow light of my hallway. Now, they definitely aren't perfect, but dang! I'm impressed.)

1. Tape your frames together so you can be sure the holes you drill will line up.
2. Drill holes for your metal rings. Mine ended up being 3/8" wide.
3. Spread out all of your crafty supplies and go to town!

Here's how mine turned out...

I used wrapping paper, felt, chalkboard paint, white buttons, a sharpie, lace, thread, a little paint, and a whole lot of glue! Now to fill it with crafty glee!

Do you journal or have happy crafty go tos? 


  1. Ah this is so cute! Love those frames... I use them all the time :) Your pictures look amazing too! (You should add a watermark to them too, so if they get pinned a bunch or passed around they'll have your blog name on 'em. I put mine on all of my photos now.)

  2. This really came out cute. There's lots of cute all over them. Cute cute cute.

  3. Hey, your "Tim" commented! Now that is cute. I loved the vunerable link you shared. The best 20 minutes I have invested!