Grounded for a Week

This week, insideways is grounded! Really, I'm just going to share plant themed posts this week. Get it? Plants? Grounded? So clever... nope? We'll that's ok I like it.

In the past I've shared a couple of planting projects, so today I'm going to update you on how they're doing and how I would do things a little differently next time.

Brass Duck Planter
(see the original post here)

I'm still in love with this planter and overall it's worked out really well! The challenge with this project is my duck bowl has no drainage. That's a bad situation for plants because if roots sit in water, the plant will die. To combat that problem, I put a layer of gravel in the bottom of my duck bowl before planting the succulents. Unfortunately I still lost one of them. See the little dirt patch there? Yep - man down. Because of the way the bowl slopes, all of the water sat on that poor little plant's roots.

After a little research, I discovered that there were more steps I could have taken to protect my plant's roots via Elsie McLaughlin Designs. Check out her post to make sure you keep your plants healthy in their drainage-less containers.

DIY Herb Garden
(see the original post here)

I'm happy to report that my Pepsi crate herb garden is doing really really well! To be honest, Tim and I haven't cooked with any of the herbs yet because we're giving them a little time to flourish before we start snipping them. Here's the one thing I changed from the original post; Shortly after posting, I got a couple of comments letting me know that mint (one of the herbs I planted) has a tendency to take over a herb garden and kill all of your other herbs - how rude!

In a very easy fix, I moved the mint into its own pot where it can grow as aggressively as it would like. Now the Pepsi crate has cilantro! Honestly, I wanted cilantro in the first place, but Home Depot was out of it when Tim and I chose our plants. Win win in the end eh?

Toy Giraffe Planter
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I looooove the look of this planter, but I have to be honest... it's been an epic fail for the succulents I planted in it... Above you'll see how they started out - nice and healthy. Below... not doing so well...

There are two reasons this might have happened. 1) There's not a lot of soil in the body of the giraffe for the succulents to hang on to. Maybe their roots just couldn't get a grip. 2) I put this planter in a location with very little sunlight. My bad. Once I noticed the succulents didn't look so good, I moved them to the porch with tons of light. They were either too far gone or it was problem #1 after all. Bummer. SO, I'm pretty sure I'm going to make some sort of fake plant or craft plant to put in here. The toy giraffe is just not so great for a live plant. (If you tried this project and your plant is doing well, PLEASE let me know! I'd love to know how you did it!)

My First Succulents
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They're alive! But, I have a question... see the guy in the back left? He's not looking so hot... does anyone know if that's normal? Is he molting? Does loosing his little pods mean he's going to grow some new ones or that little brother succulents are going to start to grow? Bueller? Anyone? Halp!