DIY Toy Planter, meet DIY lace vase

So I did it. The debate whether to paint ended and I decided to paint my giraffe planter white. (Check out the before pictures here.)

Then just to take it to the next level, I combined two Pinterest inspirations together. Wheee!

        (from HEM)                                        (from Love Maegan)

A little lace and mod podge later and it turned out exactly like I hoped it would. I love the combination of the silly giraffe with the more formal lace :)

Also, can you believe I've never used Mod Podge before!? It's awesome. I'm in love. There will be more of it on this blog in the future, this you can be sure of.


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  1. Oh I love the lace on the vase! So pretty. Glad you painted your little planter too, so cute!

  2. i love it! the whole thing!
    i own a bottle of mod podge and haven't used it yet. i've heard it's like the most important thing to own so i bought some. i want to use it, i'm just waiting for the perfect project to present itself to me.

  3. Haha, then you must visit http://modpodgerocksblog.com/
    she is on Twitter too! It looks great.

  4. @ My Crafty, ohmygosh that is so fun - thanks for sharing it with me!