White Box Challenge Reveal: Spare Bedroom Edition

I've graduated the title for posts about my spare bedroom from My Secret Shame to My Secret (less) Shame(ful) to a full fledged White Box Challenge Reveal today!


Well ok, it's not the most stunning room in the world, but I'm sure pumped. See that there? That's carpet. Carpet people, that you can walk on.

Before                                                                     After

Even though the room is really utilitarian, it's exciting that we can utilize the space at all. There are a couple of cute moments though...

I like Tim's red tools next to my red rotary telephone :)

And all of my lovely craft supplies are accesible :)

Now that we have a little more space, my wheels are turning to make it cuter bit by bit. Don't hold your breath though...

What do you think? Any easy ideas to nice things up?


  1. Well, absolutely no judgement...I am working on my disaster basement! How about some vintage boxes or baskets to hide the "stuff"? Maybe you could pick up an old armoire for the musical "stuff"? If you wanted, you could paint on that rug? Hope that helps...

  2. it's cute! i always think it's amazing how all those boxes can be unpacked and dispersed around a house and take it from cluttered to cozy.
    are there curtains?
    modern mobiles (i shy away from the word because it sounds so baby-nursery but i don't know what else to call it) and that sort of thing can bring the eye up, too, add some interest the the upper half of a white box.
    the red power tool next to that red phone is precious, i love it.

  3. @ My Crafty Home-Life I've totally considered painting the rug... might have to revisit that idea because it's a great one and not very expensive! The music stuff will have to stay out so Tim can jam with ease. It may not be pretty, but I love how happy the easy access makes him :) oh well! I love your idea about vintage boxes, I'll have to keep my eye out!!

    @katie oooh I like the idea of raising your eye with curtains or a mobile... I'll have to look into that more!