Encounters With Wild Air Plants

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you might have noticed a have a little obsession with succulents (check it out here and here if you want to catch up). Well I've been harboring another secret plant crush - air plants. Oh air plants you pretty things, I'm going to say it publicly - I love you!!

Well you can buy air plants but... I happen to know they grow everywhere in Florida... and I happen to be in Florida for the holidays...

The hunting grounds were beautiful! I even took a picture of a few baby air plants so you can ooh and aww over how cute those little guys are.

Just took a little patience but now the air plants and I can live together forever (or as long as air plants happen to live).

Here are some projects I might try with them...

Hanging air plants from Craftaholics Anonymous (tutorial!) and West Elm.
And the super adorable air plants in lightbulbs featured on Curbly.

What do you think? Are you a sculptural plant person (ie succulents/air plants/cacti) or a flower person?


  1. I love both plants & flowers, but I usually am unable to keep plants alive *hides face in shame*. So I'll usually go with flowers, 'cause they'll die anyway. Those air plants are so cute though!

  2. I absolutely love the plants from west elm!!!! I think I am going to buy one for my living room!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You know, if there is anything you can keep alive it would be an air plant. They are hardy little suckers. They essentially just live off the air!

  4. those are amazing looking, how have i never heard of them before?! i want some.

  5. So cool! Just remember, keeping your air plants in a container with standing water will kill them! They need to be watered and left in an area with good air circulation for at least 4 hours prior to being put back in a container. Never let them sit in standing water! We have a great air plant care page on our website if you want to learn more!