Our Christmas Corner

Would you believe that I've lived on my own for 8 years now and have never had a Christmas tree? Tis the year to make that happen.

As I mentioned in this post, I've been a little hesitant to collect holiday decorations because I have a small space with very little storage. BUT, after seeing this really sweet little paper twig tree on sale for $9, I knew I'd found a solution that would work for my lifestyle.

On to the ornaments! 

Tim and I decided to start a tradition of making an ornament every year. We spent an evening with hot chocolate and Christmas movies making these two bad boys...

I heart Tim's snowman wrapped in yarn SO MUCH.

Tim got a good laugh from my cork gingerbread man :)

As we shopped for supplies I saw these little silver pinecones, so I hot glued some felt, thread, and a button to make those little ornaments. The rest of the tree is decked out with set of matte, shiny, and glitter silver balls to fill out the tree (made of plastic to avoid kitty breakage).

Other bits of cheer!

No tree is complete without a christmas tree skirt. I decided to make my own with some felt, buttons, and ball fringe. Love!

I also added some coral and a few extra pine cones to chill out down there with the tree skirt. I think the coral kind of looks like snow or snow flakes, so I figured it works haha.

We hung up some wintery art behind the tree since is just a stick after all and looked a little bare without my November frost photograph or Tim's abstract snow picture.

Last but not least, I stuck a little santa hat on my owl light switch cover - I thought he should join in on the fun!

All together now, here's our little corner of Christmas cheer!

Have you put up your tree yet?


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  1. Oh my favorite part is the tree skirt! It is so cute!

  2. the owl's santa hat! adorable.
    i love your cork gingerbread man, i find him charming.
    i was trying to figure out what "christmas coner" meant in your headline, it wasn't until the end of the post that i realized it must have been a typo...

  3. Haha typo fixed! Thanks Katie :)

  4. What a great Christmas set up! It is so complete (the hat on the owl!!) I LOVE the tree skirt!!!

  5. Too cute!! What a great size for a condo like mine, and I love the homemade ornaments. Great job!

  6. Oh goodness, I LOOOOOVE your Christmas decorations. We have similar taste! Thanks for linking up. I'm a new follower of your blog.


  7. Looks great, I love the tree skirt you made it's so unique!

  8. oh your tree is so cute! and i LOVE that owl switchplate- with the santa hat to boot! it's awesome! i love me some owls, too!

  9. The tree skirt is awesome!!! I love it and am inspired by your creativity.

  10. Nice idea! What a great Christmas set up!