Pretty Small Things: a pretty little reveal

My fiber obsession continues to blossom with the wall art I was so happy to find in a thrift store this past weekend. Potted plants and seagulls anyone?

The big plant piece was $4 and the little seagull was $1.30. I'm really digging the colors of both and I about died over the sparkly gold thread used on the seagull. Glamour.

Both of them are up and hanging on my growing gallery wall in the hallway of my apartment. (Aren't hallways tricky?) 

I've decided to hang the art up in an organic grouping (like almost all of the art in my house really) because I want to add to it over time. With a grid or symmetrical grouping it would be nearly impossible to add one piece of art at a time, but with this set up I just find the perfect spot as I go - perfect for a hoarder collector like me.

I'm still working out the styling of the chair/floor in the hallway so more updates are sure to come. What are your hallway solutions? Are you a symmetrical or random wall art kind of person?