Dusting off the sewing machine

It seems like there's a recurring question for my when it comes to gift giving during the holidays: to make or to buy? I can definitely relate to the feeling of not wanting a thrown-together "craft" or the leftovers of someone's hobby, but handmade with care gifts feel so special too!

Well, my Tim likes the handmade and I love him for it :)

Tim has a new tablet and asked for a custom case - what a great chance to make the perfect gift and dust off my old friend the sewing machine!

We chose all of the fabric together making sure to find a durable outer fabric and a super soft lining. A little canvas ribbon was the perfect custom add on. 

I would share a tutorial, but it would basically go like this:
     1. Desperately try to remember how you made that purse with lining once. 
     2. Cut and sew on the fabric as best you can with your fingers crossed.
     3. Did it work? Phew!

Since we're spending Christmas with our families, I gave him his gift a little early so don't worry, the surprise wasn't spoiled via the internet.

Whatcha think - do you like getting handmade or store-bought gifts?


  1. This is fantastic! My daughter made my husband an ipod cover...fun, fun, fun!

  2. that's so awesome, great job!
    i'm all for hand-sewn gifts, they can be just as well-made and even more personal than anything store-bought.