DIY Picture Frames

I'm not normally a person who is drawn to orange. It's a great color and all, but it's orange. Gold, yes... brass, yes... but orange is harder for me. Well I took the plunge...

I found a super ugly picture frame at a thrift store for 69 cents. While totally un-hangable in it's current state, a Pinterest pin of mine inspired me; why not modernize it with a nice coat of high gloss paint!?

Notice how I forgot to take my before picture and was in the midst of priming when I finally remembered? Yep, I'm quick like that.

Anywho, because I primed, this was my first successful spray painting project and I'm very very pleased with it. Usually I skip the priming step and skip ahead to the wondering-why-my-project-looks-like-crap step. Priming is a much better plan. 

Look at those sexy curves :)
I paired her up with two other spray painted frames to make a little collection that is living in our much improved second bedroom (phase one, two, and three of that project). 

Matching frames are not usually my thing, but matching orange frames are preeety sweet. I'll add some more to that little group in the future methinks. 

Oh, why yes you're right, my little orange frame doesn't have any art in it! WELL I have some fun plans for it, which will have to remain a secret for now :)

What are your feelings on orange?


  1. i love 'em! when the post started i didn't realize how teeny tiny the new orange frame is, it's so cute! i love it with the other orange frames, too. and priming, eh? i'm usually the in the "wondering-why-my-project-looks-like-crap" category when my project is finished. did you use a spray primer?

  2. I did use spray primer. It was totally easy to do and only added drying time. Honestly that's the most annoying part - dry already!! But apparently patience pays off...

  3. indeed it does! they look great!

  4. Have to say the plunge was worth it! Love the orange. And love the blog. Glad to find you through mycraftylife.