My First White Box

I was organizing my computer today and realized my current apartment isn't my first white box challenge. Stumbling across pictures of my second apartment was quite the trip down memory lane...

It might not have been the best idea, but I moved into my second apartment without having seen it in person. It's not easy to visit Boston from Florida on a student's budget! I saw pictures, so I wasn't totally going in blind, and when I got there it was actually bigger feeling than I expected.

Here are the before pictures
(you can click on them to make them bigger)

Not the cutest room I've ever seen... 
The bars on the windows were a little alarming, the walls were in VERY bad condition, there wasn't a closet, it was only 10x10 feet, and the prior tenant had left some stuff (not all the stuff in the pictures, just some of it)... But hey, I'm up for a challenge!

First off, I got rid of the previous tenant's stuff (hello craigslist and a start to a furniture fund). Then I had at the walls. They were FULL of holes and I puttied them all up and got ready to paint. 

Here's how it turned out.

If the birch trees look familiar, I did a similar thing in my next apartment. I'll probably do it again in the future - love em!

I brought the floating shelves from my apartment in Florida, but everything else was snagged in Boston on craigslist. 

Antique Desk - $35
Chair - $15
Closets - $150
Bed - $175

The bed was a serious adventure. I was bad at estimating distance in Boston for a while and my Dad macgyvered the bed onto a hand cart and helped me push it WAY too many blocks to my apartment. He's a trooper :)

Oh and that dolly? I bought it on craigslist for $20 for my move, then sold it for $40 when I was done with it. More furniture funds!

Bam. Done. Even the smallest space in the worst condition can turn out alright if you put a little effort into things :)


  1. Ooooohhhhh, I love those birch trees, I would love to do them in my house!

  2. Jen...you are fantastic! Or, crazy? Great job and so fun to read.