DIY Candles

Another Pinterest DIY tackled! This one was from a project I spotted on Sarah's blog, Renewed Upon a Dream - one of the sweetest bloggers out there, definitely check her blog out!

She made these amazing teacup candles and I though "WHAT!? You can make your own candles and they can be in anything!?" Yep, mind blown.

Once my mind recovered from being blown I thought "hey, those would be fabulous Christmas gifts..." And now your saying "hey Jen, I'm so burned out on Christmas and it's OVER so stop talking about it." Ok ok sorry I get it. Anyway, since these were a gift I had to wait to post them until after Christmas. PS they were a humungous hit. Yay!

Mine didn't turn out as picture perfectly as Sarah's did, so be sure to follow her tutorial if you try this for yourself (I got lazy).

I swear, when I look at any vessel all I think is "candle or plant?" these days...


  1. Haha! Thanks for the shout out! Glad I was able to blow your mind :) :) I think your candles turned out lovely.

  2. Thanks for having such an inspiring blog :)

  3. those are wonderful. i love the cups you chose, too. they would make such a great display!