Christmas Told in Instagrams

Maybe I'm a crazy person, but I love spending the holidays with my family. We're a giant clan of 8 aunts/uncles, 13 cousins, 5 in laws, and my Grandmother - the great matriarch. I love em all!

My Aunt Elizabeth was a huge influence on my love of all things crafty. Of course, she brought cookies for us to decorate!

She could only keep my brother and I serious for so long though. BEWARE THE ANGRY TREES!

There was so muh delicious food... I'm still digesting and plan on being full for the next week. I have to share the recipe for the pretzel goodies pictured above. Ohmygosh so good...

pretzels (the waffle kind or some other shape - not the stick kind) 
and chocolate (hershey kisses or rolos are great)
1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees. 
2. Put a layer of pretzels on a cookie sheet. Put one chocolate on each pretzel.
3. Heat in the oven for 2 minutes. 
4. Press a second pretzel into the chocolate (like you're making a little sandwich)
5. Let the treats cool then EAT!

I don't plan becoming a recipe blog, but I couldn't help but put that in there. So easy, so cheap, so good. 

Oh right, the loot. All of my gifts were really special and I feel so grateful that my family took the time to find the perfect ones for me. They're the best and seemed to like my gifts for them too!

Some that stood out for bloggy purposes... I got a tripod and remote for my camera and photoshop!! Eeeeee! I can't wait to share my new and improved pictures with you, once I get past the photoshop learning curve. That reminds me, would anyone be interested in a series of posts where we learn to use photoshop together? Just email me or leave a comment. If there's interest, I'm totally down.

If you follow me on pinterest, you'll recognize this shark print and sandwich coasters from my WANT! board. Gotta say, easiest Christmas wish list ever. I can't wait to frame Mr. Shark and add him to my growing art gallery

I snagged a few other little goodies from the local thrift stores, but haven't had time to take pictures yet. Gotta say, the FL thrift stores are out of control awesome. 

How was your Christmas? Any goodies you're especially pumped about? Family bliss or can't wait for some alone time?


  1. Wow I didn't know you wanted that print... I saw it at a renegade fair last year a booth for the company that makes them! Shows me, don't even know my own sister - fail :P

  2. Hey, I love the tripod you got me!!! You know me well enough xox

  3. What part of FL? I am going over the winter break. Every time I click on your pinterest link....nothing! That camera scares me. You are awesome with your pictures already. Are you trying to find (yet) another form of employment as a photojournalist?

  4. @ My Crafty Home-Life, kind of near CoaCoa beach on the east coast. The weather's pretty nice down here right now. I bet you'll really like it.

    I'm not sure about the Pinterest link. I checked it on several people's computers and it worked. How about you try this: http://pinterest.com/insideways/.