What's up, you ask?

If you're a regular insideways reader, you might have realized I've been a little short in the post department lately.

(image of Ikea slipcover from poppytalk)

Well there are two fairly good reasons for that...

1. Something which you might not know since I've never managed to put an "About" section together on this blog (bad blogger, I know) is that I'm a cellist and right now I'm studying to earn my doctorate in Contemporary Performance Practice at UCSD. It's pretty fantabulous, but as the quarter wrapped up, it was super busy as well.

2. The second reason is the more important one, I think. I kind of only want to post things that I'm really pumped about on this blog. For a while I was stuck on the idea of 6 posts a week, but I started to schedule my posts like "well that's a weaker one, so I'll put it on Thursday..." Ick.

SO, now I have a little more time to write the quality posts I think you lovely readers deserve. Ones that I would want to read myself ;)

If you have any thoughts about content, be sure to leave a comment - I'd love to hear your feedback!

Oh oh, the picture above is one of my absolute favorites this week. I'm in love with all the yummy cotton and linnen bedding, the vintage prints, and herringbone floor. A huge thanks to poppytalk for sharing the inspiration! LOVE that blog :)


  1. I love all your posts. Variety is the spice...

  2. Those are all really great reasons! I find that I have the same exact struggles - hard to find the time, and I want my posts to have substance. I think in the end it all needs to come back to whether or not we're enjoying the process. A good blog post is written by someone who is really passionate about his/her subject!