Little Bits of the Holidays

This year I'm finding myself very inspired by the holiday season. I celebrate Christmas, and I'm definitely excited in a big way. Unfortunately... I do not have a big apartment in which to deck the halls, nor (more importantly) a big storage space in which to keep my holiday treasures once the season is over... humbug...?

NOPE, because with holiday challenges come holiday solutions!

I've been on a mission to find little ways to rearrange things I already have or add teeny-tiny bits of cheer, and it's been super fun!

Holiday berries instead of flowers have been a great solution.

I also took a little time to rearrange my scrabble art to share in some of the holiday cheer. See the three holiday inspired words? Wrapping the blank tile like a present bumped up the cheer factor just enough.

Tim and I also put some Christmas lights and a few ornaments on our porch to share the cheer with our neighbors. 

I love that we can have little touches of seasonal fun around the house without having to buy a ton or figure out where to put it all come new years. Have you been adding holiday bits around your home?

Check out the rest of our decorations here!


  1. I love what you did with the scrabble tiles on the wall :) Very cute with only one of the wrapped like that!

  2. is "yeti" one of the christmassy words to find?
    cute decor :)