My Secret Shame

Get ready for the mother of all before pictures people...


It's my not-so-secret-anymore shame... our second bedroom...  And the saddest part, is I was fibbing a little. It's not really a before picture, it's a now picture. Oh the design humanity!

Tim and I are in the process of a lot of downsizing and consolidating in our new, smaller place.  This room has been the problem area. clearly.

So why am I showing you this holy mess? A little accountability goes a long way - at least that's what I'm hoping - and now that you know about it, I'm hoping to feel a little kick in the pants. Plus, it's not fair to only post beautiful pictures of my place - I'm a real person with real messes.  There you have it.

what have I done...

I will absolutely post updates on our progress!
Are you trying to tackle a secret shame in your house?

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  1. I love ya, real girl! We all have our messiness - mine is the closet and it needs to be cleaned, out with the summer and in with the fall clothes. And our front porch. It has become a dumping ground for more than just shoes. Ugh.

    xoxo michele