Homeless Housewares: adopt bunk beds!

1. Antique Carved Wood Sofa - $150

I would call this couch a borderline steal. Any couch with this much character for only $150 is totally worth it, but maybe not quite on the "steal" spectrum of an $80 or $100 couch. You could always negotiate though... It looks like it's in great shape, and if the colors don't match your home reupholstery or painting the wood would be easy fixes! I might be tempted to change the fabric to a beautiful green velvet myself... Something like this couch, but with wood? Yep.

2. Vintage White Sitting Chair - $35

Nice chairs under $40 usually seem like a pretty good deal to me. The fabric on this guy could be a little dated, but reupholstery would still put you in the range of a store bought chair ($200ish) and you could have all of its unique charm to yourself.

3. Rustic Pine Coffee Table - $45

I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of rustic. Getting any coffee table for $45 is a pretty great deal, but one with this kind of character? Forget about it! If I had to tweak one thing on this it would be the legs. They just tip from the natural to the cabin scale of rustic, which doesn't quite work for me. Well why not cut off the legs and add industrial casters!?

8" casters aren't cheap at $24 each, but you might be able to find cheaper ones. They would still give you the feel of this coffee table from Jordans at a steal: $141 vs. $399.

4. Brass Bunkbeds - $500

I have no need for bunkbeds. None. But I can't handle how much I LOVE these beds!! I've never seen anything like them. Have you!? Look beyond the not-working-with-brass bed spreads and you can see beautiful lines and patina. Since I've never seen anything like these, I'm not sure if $500 is fair. I would guess that it is though... If you want super slick vintage bunkbeds, these are the ones.


For those of you new to Homeless Housewares: I don't sell these things -  I just think they're great buys with a lot of potential. Hopefully you're inspired to search your local craigslistings, OR to find these pieces, search the San Diego craigslist furniture listings using the titles above. Maybe you can snatch these up before someone else does!