31 Days: Day 24

There has been so much learning going on in this 31 Days Challenge! We've gathered a lot of basic knowledge and have experimented a ton. We'll there's another way to learn

Learning by the book... check
Learning by trying... check
Learning by... OBSERVING!

I would bet we all do it almost every day - surfing our favorite blogs and browsing Pinterest - but maybe not with an eye for learning about taking great photos. I would really encourage you to skim through your blogs or your Pinterest boards today and pick out a few photos. Ask yourself "why do I like this?"....

I really like how this angle shows off the chairs and manages to minimize the much less cute refrigerator in the background. That would be a great strategy for me to try when I take photos of my kitchen.

(from Design Sponge)                                   (from Gen Proebstel)

These two pictures give you a hint of the space instead of showing you everything at once. It makes me want to see more and probably helps hide any problem spots in the room.

(from Bloesem)

This picture is really symmetrical and under-styled. While it wouldn't be a great way to show a "this is how I live" photo, this is a great way to display a collection for a photo.

So, those were just a few photos from my I-have-way-too-many (you can never have too many) Pinterest photo hoard collection. If I'm ever having trouble getting a picture to look the way I want, I just stop on by Pinterest and get inspired. Also, I highly recommend any of the blogs linked above if you're looking for more inspirational photography - they are the masters.

Another place I'll stop by is Emily Henderson's portfolio. She was a stylist before she became an HGTV design star, so her portfolio is full of GREAT styling inspiration. Here are some of my favorites.

Do you have any photographers, designers, or resources you go to for inspiration?