31 Days: Day 17

We're about to get into the wonderful world of photo editing, but before we head over in that direction, I wanted to share something I learned from my Dad (dawww!)

When in doubt, take TONS of pictures. When you're not in doubt, still TAKE TONS of pictures!!

Space on your camera's memory card is free, so why not try that extra angle, mess with the light one more time, adjust your settings a little more. Sitting down on your computer to edit and pick your top pictures is so much more fun when you have a ton of pictures to choose from!

To get this shot of my new wastebasket...

I also took all of these pictures...
Hint, some of them look identical haha!

I tend to take anywhere from 3-30 pictures when I'm photographing content for my blog. Sometimes that's just because my cats are really in the photo bombing mood (see bottom two)... My dad takes an average of 150 pictures when we go on family outings. He once took 500 pictures over the course of a 24 hour trip - not kidding!

He may take it to the extreme, but he always lands his shot!

Don't be shy with the trigger! Snap snap snap away!