31 Days: Snapshot Sundays (Day 16)

For today's Snapshot Sunday I thought it might be nice to share a few photographs of rooms that I think are really beautiful. It's always good to learn from looking at what works!

These three pictures really took advantage of different angles/framing of the room. They look so much more interesting than just a "here is all of my living room in one shot" picture, while still giving you an idea of the space layout.

The way these two photos use light really enhance the feel of the rooms: darker for a masculine room, light and bright for the fun dining room.

(from Freshome)

I think the processing on these pictures (which means editing after the picture was taken). It really gives them a distinct "look."

I snagged all of these pictures from my Pinterest boards and there are a lot more pictures to check out there if you're interested! Also, the source links show more pictures of these rooms and are GREAT sources of inspiration, so be sure to check them out.

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