31 Days: Day 10

We've made it through a week of the more complicated/technical stuff we need to cover and it's time for some fun! Also, I want to apologize and welcome back any readers using point and shoot cameras - thank you for sticking with me :)

Today I want to talk about natural light - good ole sunshine.

Natural light works wonders in 99% of photography. Take these two pictures:
(Disclaimer: that is a made up statistic. 85% of statistics are made up.)

See how much nicer it looks in natural light?! 

The tricky part for indoor pictures is that the light isn't always where you want it. Take a look at my living room throughout the day. The light changes drastically!

While there is a LOT of light at 8:00am, it's really too much for you to be able to see my living room set up. Between 9:00-9:30 the light is brighter, but not glaring. From then on, my place is bright, but not its best. SO, my prime photo window is from 9:00-9:30 for that room!

With a little careful observation, you can find when the light looks best for pictures in your room. Open all of the curtains, mess with your ISO, and enjoy your bright space!

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  1. Well, at least we know what the cats do all day! Great demo.