31 Days: Day 28

Our 31 Days are coming to an end, and it occurred to me... some of you are probably totally over it (when will it eeeeeennnnd?), but some of you might want to keep learning (you know, the crazy folk).

Here are 5 great photography tip resources for all of you hard core studiers....

1. Photojojo! A super fun website that posts about photography from basic to super quirky - lens reviews to how to print your friend's face on cupcakes!

2. Digital Photography School! Super comprehensive and easy to use, Digital Photography School was started by the amazing Darren Rowse. If you need information, it will probably be here!

3. SnapBlog! This was formed more for product reviews and consumer awareness, but they have a ton of helpful how-tos as well. If you're looking to buy a camera or lens, they are a super helpful resource.

4. DIY Photography! These guys are the experts on camera hacks. For all you DIYers out there, check out their alternative solutions to expensive equipment.

5. Phototuts+! Like the name implies, these guys specialize in photo tutorials from beginner to advanced. They're all about educating and are part of the Plus Education Network.

There is an awesomely overwhelming amount of information to be had out there, so don't stop learning! Or if your brain is finished with photography for now, you can always use these sites as go-tos for your specific questions. Basically, there will be an answer out there for your photo questions and needs - yay!

The LAST Snapshot Sunday is this week! I would love to share your favorite picture for the big photo finish of this series. Send a picture you've taken that you're proud of to jen@insideways.com, or post a link to your favorite photo in the comment section. It doesn't have to be something you took during this series, just something you're proud of so we can all inspire each other :)


  1. My first comment & my first Snapshot Sunday contribution. I took pictures of my son playing with his new bookshelf & used your tips to edit them in Picasa: Http://m.flickr.com/photos/lelia/6281598879/?xajax=1 (hope the link works, if not try http://www.louiseallana.com and it's one of the recent posts).

  2. Louise, I love the picture you linked to! Thanks for sending it along!