31 Days: Day 31!

I've decided. I'm going to end on a sappy note.

I've talked a lot these 31 Days about how to make your home look prettier via your camera lens. Well, I have to say I'm not convinced by perfection because it's the imperfections that make us us. So, for my final 31 Days post, I want to say... just take pictures you love and forget about them being perfect.

Yep, bobby pins in a jar by my bed. Not beautiful, but that's how I roll and I like this picture.

I'm in school for my doctorate so I have books everywhere. I like books though...

A pretty box full of our not so pretty things :)

The cats never leave the pillows alone, but I don't mind. Better for cuddling.

So go and take your pictures. Love them and they will be loved, regardless of how "good" they are.


  1. I love your real life photos. Also, thank you for such a kind comment on my blog, made my day :)

  2. i love the second picture of the bench with your books on it and the shoes underneath. i don't know what it is that captivates me but it makes me feel good for some reason. something about the balance of it all. and i like that pair of adidas.

  3. Thank you! I had a great time!