Homeless Housewares: Reupholster!

I'm very excited to focus on a few potential reupholstery projects today. Reupholstering can be scary, but there are SO MANY great resources out there for DIYers and for finding the right professionals.
Some examples:

1. Yellow Tufted Chair - $30
This little guy could be as simple of a fix as removing the skirt to give him a modern look. Just be sure to check the legs before you go home with him! Better yet, ask the seller to send you pictures of the legs.

2. Antique Chair - $125
This chair might not end up being a steal after it's reupholstered, but it will be totally within the realm of reasonable prices for cute chairs. AND it will be an original piece all your own! Scalloped back? Nice detailing on the arms and legs? Win.

3.  Stylish Camelback - $80
This couch looks pretty rough right now... look past the crazy floral. Add some tufting and a beautiful velvet and oh my gosh yes. You'll still end up spending less than a new sofa!

4. Settee Sofa - $80
I'm a big fan of couches with a little wood. I'm an even bigger fan of couches that show off a lot of wood :). While not huge and comfy-cozy, this sette would be a fabulous little sister couch in a larger living room or as a nice small seating area for an office.


For those of you new to Homeless Housewares: I don't sell these things -  I just think they're great buys with a lot of potential. Hopefully you're inspired to search your local craigslistings, OR to find these pieces, search the San Diego craigslist furniture listings using the titles above. Hopefully you can snatch these up before someone else does!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Jen. You are so talented...you could upholster any one of them!