31 Days: Day 22

For our last day of photo editing tips I wanted to give you two resources that show you the benefits of shooting in RAW format instead of jpeg (a setting you can change on DSLR cameras). RAW stores more information about how the camera took the picture, so while it will take up more space in your camera's memory card, it also allows for very powerful photo-editing.

Now, I haven't gotten that far in my personal photo and photo-editing exploration, but for those of you who are ready... this looks purty awesome....

Here's a video that will show you the advantages of editing in RAW vs. jpeg. It's long, but the first 5 minutes give you the idea. (The whole video is really neat if you have the time.)

And HERE is an article from SnapBlog that shows you how to fix exposure in RAW step-by-step.
Have fun you advanced editors you!