31 Days: Day 21

We've taken photo editing from the super free and easy (Picasa) to the top of the line (Photoshop), but there's one side of photo editing that shouldn't be missed - smart phone apps. Now, I know we can't all afford smart phones (I got mine second hand for free woo!), but I thought it was worth mentioning because so many people have them.

There are a ton of apps out there, but I'm really into instagram right now. It's basically a set of pre-made actions for pictures you take on your phone (remember actions from yesterday's post?) - little work, lots of pay off - yay!

Here are two examples that I took this morning based on other pictures I've used in this series.

You just take the picture through the app and choose which action to apply. These two were Lomo-fi and toaster. Great for little sneak peeks into projects!

It's also great for bloggers if you want to take casual pictures of what you're up to, but still make them look fun and artsy. Here are a few pictures of my weekend, maybe for a "My weekend" post.

Grading papers would look a lot more boring if I hadn't processed the images with X-Pro II and Lomo-fi.

There are a lot of other phone resources out there too. I especially love Beautiful Mess's article all about her favorite phone apps

So, if you have a smart phone don't forget to use it as a resource for your home photos! AND, share some (or any picture you'd like) with me for Sunday Snapshots. Just send them to jen {at} insideways {dot} com. Sharing is fun!

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