Emma and Aaron's Re-Reveal!

A few weeks ago I had a super fun weekend in Chicago with Aaron and Emma. We ate fabulous food, had excellent quality time, and AND got to do a little decorating!

Well, they've been busy since I was gone. Are you someone who has a long list of DIY projects but never finishes them? I am. These two, these two are not...

With a little bit of paint on their matching chairs- they totally brightened up this whole space. I love it.

But wait, there's more.

See that boring builder grade fan up there? Yeah, it looks like this now...

Chevron yes!! And I'm sure it looks awesome when it's on - all stripy.  But, my favorite part is the one little red chevron (can a chevron be singular?) that ties the whole thing into the color scheme of their living room.

So excited to see pictures! Now I guess I better get on some of my own DIYs... they're putting me to shame!

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  1. The painted chairs make such a difference. Bright and fun!