Young Jen Would Be Shocked!

In the past few years something strange has happened. Something I never would have expected....

I've begun to like brass, wicker, and velvet...

Yeah, I know I built it up, but this is a big deal for me! When I was younger I hated these materials. These and glitter. I've warmed up to glitter too, but I don't want any crafting glitter in my house - what a mess...

Time to make amends!

Dear Wicker, Brass and Velvet,

All I can say is I was young and I didn't understand your potential. I've grown a lot and I appreciate that you've waited for me to come around.

Wicker, I used to think you were granny and or tropical. That it was impossible to make you look anything but tacky. I am very sorry. I didn't understand your natural beauty, your handmade quality, and how much texture you can bring to a space. I've learned and now I love you.

Brass, it was unfair of me to neglect you as a beautiful metallic in favor of brushed nickel and chrome. Please understand. I was worried you would make my room look dated, but your timeless quality is no longer lost on me. I love all of the small animals made of your material and how beautifully you patina.

Velvet, oh velvet you're so sweet and luxurious. I honestly have no good reason for ignoring you for so long, and I'm sorry. Thank you for bringing depth and vibrancy into my room with your lush colors and texture.

I hope you will forgive me because you three are the best and I want to be friends.

Love always,


  1. This is so funny. It reminds me of how I used to hate teak. I loathed it like you wouldn't believe. I had a fit when my parents bought me a teak desk when I was young. I like it now because of my love for midcentury furniture and have actually purchased a few teak pieces myself.

  2. It is funny. But so true! I have developed a love of some of those things too and then there's corduroy..who knew? I think it's partly finding new uses and being able to make them look good without looking cheesey...as they did in former generations.

  3. I used to HATE sterling silver - with all it's tarnish.

    Now, I LOVE sterling silver - with all it's patina!

    My tastes have certainly changed. And, now - more than ever - I believe in the theory that major investment pieces, like couches, should be in a neutral style and color. The texture can come from throw pillows and rugs!

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  4. Haha, I love that - tarnish vs. patina!

  5. Oh, gosh, brass. I know a lot of people who throw old brass figurines away because well, they really can look dated. I love those old pieces, though, more so because they are just a little bit corny. I actually collect old brass unicorns--super lame, but I love them.

  6. LOVE the brass bird Cage!!