A Little Vacation

Hello hello. I've had a fabulous time blogging every day for 31 Days. I've learned a TON and I hope you have too!

I'd love to hear if you learned from or just enjoyed my 31 Days to Better Home Photos, so feel free to leave comments. Let me know what you liked, if it was fun to read, or what you think I could have done better - I'm always trying to improve!

Anywho, I'm pretty tired from the marathon of it all, so I'm taking a week off to catch up on all of the scattered projects around my house. I will be back on Monday, November 7 with new DIYs and little treasures to share :)

(In the meantime make your own floral suitcases with this DIY from Beautiful Mess! If you're going on vacation, it might as well look cute!)

See you soon!!


  1. i loved your 31 days of awesome photography goodness, i learned many things i did not know, and it was cool getting to witness your photos improving as well :)
    your photos are great!

  2. I had a great time! Yes, I learned!!

  3. You've have some amazing posts! Thanks for the 31 days of fun!