DIY Burlap Dry Erase Board

Any project that a) repurposes items in my home b) costs very little and c) results in something that makes my life easier is A-OK in my book.

Ladies and gents... I have such a project for you today - the DIY Burlap Dry Erase Board! I just wish I could think of a catchier name for this project... Rustic To-Do List? Nah, it's just not coming to me - oh well!

I first saw this project on Pinterest, pinned from Jill Ruth & Co. Couldn't wait to try it.

I grabbed an old frame
Burlap from my scrap fabric bin
And got some gold poster board from Michaels for $0.99 (since I didn't want white showing through my burlap)

Using the foam backing from the picture frame, I cut out the perfect sized piece of poster board and burlap.

Then I just popped them into the frame. 


Well actually... it's easy in theory. In reality I broke the glass when I took the frame apart and had to get plexiglass to replace it. Also Madeline was a holy terror while I tried to take pictures (as usual). It always seems like the easiest projects are wrought with the most insane and unpredictable problems... at least for me.

Happy crafting!


  1. ooooh, i love it! i want to make one!

  2. Actually... they are :)
    Am I officially a cat lady now?

    @MsMagglesworth and @MsMaddyCat

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