A Pinteresting Weekend

I was super bummed when I couldn't participate in the last Pinterest Challenge hosted by Young House Love and Bower Power. Maybe I'm crazy, but joining a bunch of other bloggers in tackling Pinterest DIY projects sounds like a fabulous time. Well, maybe I'll be able to catch the next one - fingers crossed.

Anywho, this weekend I had my own little Pinterest showdown. Even though it was a party of one, I had a great time. I'm pumped to tackle a few more soon!

I was super motivated to finish this easy DIY once I finished my burlap dry erase board. Need a place to keep the dry erase markers right? I've had the tea tin forever, but kept forgetting to get magnets. Finally remembered!

The Pin                                                                        And Mine

I'm not thrilled about putting my photo next to freaking Martha Stewart's, but I'm going to pretend I don't care.

I fell in love with this the moment I saw it via Love Maegan. It's that perfect subtly-throw-the-room-off piece. I had the succulent, but the plastic animal toy was surprisingly hard to find. Am I the only one who remembers this being a common type of toy back in the day? I ended up finding the perfect giraffe for $1 at Michael's.

And Mine
I'm not sure if I'll ever spray paint the giraffe a solid color. For now, a color doesn't come to mind so I'm leaving it "giraffe" colored. Any ideas for a spray paint color?

For a look at my DIY inspiration board on Pinterest, just head over here.
What Pinterest projects are you itching to tackle?


  1. Ah, your magnet tin looks just as good as Martha's for sure! The giraffe is so cute too!

  2. I love the animal....what if I combine an animal with a magnet...for an animal chalk holder?

  3. This planter is soooo cool. I am going to make one!!!!

  4. really cute!
    i'm not about to begin to list my diy projects to tackle, there are always way too many and most time it's too overwhelming just to choose one!

  5. @My Crafty Home-Life YES!! DO IT!! That is a seriously fabulous idea.

    @katie, I totally know that feeling. I'm ignoring the big projects that overwhelm me. Denial is a big part of my strategy haha. I also tend to gravitate towards the projects where supplies are easy to come by. I love the instant gratification of "hey, that's easy. HEY I have those things! Done."