Google Reader: The Craigslist Companion

UPDATE: It is with so much sadness that I update this post. Google Reader has been shut down by Google. So, as you can imagine, this method of searching Craigslist no longer works. If you'd still like tips for exploring Craigslist, try these posts:

Hi! Tim here today. I'll be popping in from time to time with some more techie tips for home decorating - yes, they do exist. Ready??

RSS feed readers like Google Reader make keeping up with updates on your favorite websites a breeze. When you add a site to your reader, all of its latest posts will show up as they’re posted, so you only have to check one website to keep up with your favorite blogs! And surprise - it's also a great Craigslist helper!

The benefits:
  1. Using Google Reader to track craigslist searches let’s you mark certain listings as “read” and keep others unread so you don't re-read posts you're not interested in.
  2. Share or follow up on the listings later without having to bookmark the post or search for it again. 
  3. New results will be imported into Google Reader as they’re posted, so you don’t have search for the same thing every day and you have better chances of being the first to spot a find!

So, let’s say you’re on the hunt for a Eames lounge chair for your apartment. (I mean, who wouldn’t want one, they’re awesome, right?) Here’s how you can turn your Reader into the best Eames-chair-finder ever.

1. Go to your local craigslist site and search for “Eames Chair”. 

2. In the way-bottom right corner of the search results is a little orange button marked “RSS”. 
Right click it and choose “Copy Link Address”. 
3. Now go here. The regular Craigslist RSS feed doesn’t include images, which is a major bummer, but this great tool will add them back in! Paste your copied RSS link into the text field and click Run Pipe.
4. When the results show up, look for a button above them that says +Google. Click that.
5. On the following page, you'll get the option to add to your Google Homepage or your Google Reader. Choose Google Reader.

6. Head on over to Google Reader to explore your bounty.

That’s it! New listings will show up in your reader as they’re posted! You can mark them as read, keep unread, +1 them, share them on Google Plus, e-mail them to your mom, etc. etc. This gets especially useful when there’s a bunch of things you’re searching for at once, since you can track them all in one app.

Happy hunting!


  1. Yahoo Pipes doesn't appear to work with Craigslist RSS feeds anymore.

  2. mistakesweremade7/9/13, 7:22 AM

    Confirmed, this tool isn't working for me either.