Advanced Craigslist Searching

With a huuuge new place to fill with fabulous furniture, you know I've been craigslisting my heart out over the last two weeks. In particular, I'm looking for a second sofa to be best friends with our current one - not so easy...

In the mean time I ran across a beautiful 7.5ft Fiddle Leaf Fig tree for $60 ($60!!) and had to snatch it up. Wanna know how you take a 7.5ft tree home with you?...

That's how.
The lady selling it got a total kick out of our shenanigans :)

As fun as it is to find great deals like that one, CL searching can be a total pain. Ever find something than search for it again with no avail? Yeah, their search engine is no Google...

So, today I want to share Advanced CL search commands that will make your search easier!

1. All normal CL searches are "AND" searches: If you type leather chair only posts with the word leather AND chair will show up. You'll miss out on any leather chairs for example. Darn that sneaky s.

2. Add "quotes" to find a specific phrase: if you search for "leather chair" you'll only find posts that use that exact phrase. If someone a seller says I'm selling a chair upholstered in leather it won't make it into your search. BUT this search is great for some items like paint brush. You don't want to see posts randomly using the words paint and brush, just paint brush posts.

3. Filter spammy terms with a -minus sign: Ever search for leather chair and have millions of car postings show up? Annoying. Just add -car to your search and all of those spammy or unrelated adds will be filtered out.

4. Use the pipe character | for "OR" searches: This is a LIFESAVER. I'm looking for a couch, but some people call it a sofa or sectional. Instead of doing a ton of different searches, I'll search sofa | couch | sectional and see all of the results together! (The pipe character is on the same key as the backslash \ on most computer keyboards.)

5. Group with (parentheses) to combine to your heart's content: Want to get down and dirty? If I'm looking for something pretty specific for my couch I might search... -leather (sofa | couch | sectional) oceanside "smoke free" BAM. Translation "I'm looking for a sofa, couch, or sectional in Oceanside that isn't leather from a smoke free home." Pretty great huh?

In other news, if you're wondering... here's the current state of my living room... We've got a ways to go :)