Home Depot and Healthy Air Plants

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to buy a beautiful Air Plant from Home Depot and hang it in a picture frame - so lovely!!

The air plant came with a copper wire hanger that I thought was super clever. Well, it turns out that a copper wire hanger is not very smart at all! A super awesome reader shared some crucial information with me...

And yes, my air plant had died!
(Here's an article that says the same thing about copper.)

I've since updated that post, but I wanted to point this out separately for regular readers who might not travel back into my archives before wrapping their own air plant in copper poison. COPPER KILLS AIR PLANTS!

Home Depot is such a smart place - why would they sell a product that was made to fail?? Well the good news is that Home Depot has a fantastic return policy and really really great customer service!

When I told them about the copper, they exchanged my very dead air plant for a brand new one. This time I chose an air plant with an aluminum wire hanger. Into the picture frame it went. Much better.

But there were still a half a dozen air plants for sale at Home Depot that were wrapped in copper. Serious sad face...

Home Depot, if by some chance you happen to read this, please stop selling air plants wrapped in copper. Also, thank you for having such a great return policy. You guys are the best and are waaaay above selling faulty products.

PS. I took these photos in my new craft room. It gets such lovely light and I even managed to capture a few sun flares! Love! It's going to be a while before I get it all put together, but I sure can't wait to share :)