Iced Coffee Ice Cubes

As a caffeine addict, one of my favorite things about the summer is iced coffees. I. Can. Not. Get enough of them. In fact, it's very likely I'm drinking one as you read this...

But, iced coffees have a major problem - before you get to the bottom of the cup, the ice melts and makes them all watery. Gross and depressing.

Would you believe there's a really simple solution to that problem? Use coffee ice cubes instead of water ones! It's simple...

1. Pour leftover coffee into an ice tray.

2. Freeze the coffee overnight to get all of the coffee cubes you need.

3. Add them to your homemade (great recipe here) or even store bought iced coffee.

You'll still get melting, but the coffee cubes will make your iced coffee stronger, not gross and diluted. Life changing people. Life changing. I learned this handy dandy trick from Felicitous in Tampa, FL. Why doesn't every coffee shop do it this way!? If you get a chance to visit them, do it. They're lovely people with a lovely shop :)

I have to be honest, I'm a total novice at making homemade iced coffee and am currently spending way to much buying them. Anyone have must-know tips for a newbie iced coffee brewer?